About The Reid Group



The Reid Group helps leaders and organizations transform challenges into opportunities to create a better world.


Our Values

  • Providing creative, comprehensive and excellent services
  • Building teams and community
  • Communicating authentically
  • Collaborating and networking in partnerships
  • Being stewards of all resources for the common good
  • Promoting justice and right relationships


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Our Story

Founded in 1997, The Reid Group emerged from the commitment of John Reid and Tom Reid to create a vital consulting organization. Their goal was to respond creatively to the many needs in our hurting world and help individuals and organizations grow. Armed with an extensive background in the university, church and non-profit communities, as well as the business world, Tom and John were eager to apply their organizational and leadership development skills to help Catholic communities, non-profit organizations, families and individuals be more effective.

From the beginning, The Reid Group provided services that:

  • respect the client’s unique needs and situation
  • are comprehensive in nature, dealing with the whole person or organization rather than only one aspect or unit
  • employ a highly participatory approach
  • focus on building connections and community within and beyond specific organizations

In particular, John and Tom had a passion to make justice a hallmark of their service. To accomplish this they assembled a group of consultants that provided the necessary range of resources and services needed to empower leaders, groups and organizations to act “ten times bolder” in pursuit of their own mission, hopes, and dreams. In 2007, Maureen Gallagher, who had been a consultant with The Reid Group since 2004, accepted the invitation to become a partner.

What began in 1997 as a small, start-up company with one set of services related to Organizational Development has now evolved into a value-driven company that has helped hundreds of clients transform challenges into opportunities to create a better world. We offer leadership services for Catholic communities, non-profit organizations, families & communities.


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