Strategic Planning for Religious Communities

At The Reid Group, we believe in the future of religious communities. Our consultants are the products of Catholic education and we are grateful for the impact of priests and religious in our lives.

The Reid Group offers services, using an appreciative approach, that are uniquely tailored to help religious communities prepare for their future with confidence:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Community Restructuring
  • Scenario Planning
  • Leadership Searches
  • Managing Change and Merging Cultures
  • Conference and Chapter Design and Facilitation

As religious orders look for ways to consolidate and share resources, new challenges emerge. Many times, the major challenge is the transition from being one group with one culture and “way of doing things” to being a new group with two or more cultures and ways of being. When this transition is handled well, new energy is released for creating the new community.

The Reid Group offers a two-part process that supports merging communities as they seek to make a successful transition to their new identity.

One - two day workshop
Communities and leadership groups come together to share their cultures. Some activities include sharing stories of their founder, formation programs, histories, humor, artifacts and rituals, as well as their communication styles and their ways of dealing with conflict. Agenda items include:

  • Storytelling
  • Identifying shared values and norms
  • Naming the gifts we bring to each other
  • Hopes and dreams for the future—exploring new expectations
  • Understanding effective communication as a tool to build a new community
  • Ritualizing our hopes and dreams

Follow-up consultation
The Reid Group offers continuing support for leaders and communities as they move through the transition process. This support may include facilitating the creation of rituals suited to the new community, as well as coaching calls with community leadership to transform the ongoing challenges of merging communities into opportunities for new life and growth.

Communities we have worked with include: Maryknoll, Benedictine and Presentation Sisters of South Dakota, Chicago Benedictines, Erie Benedictines, Joliet Franciscans, Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Sisters of St. Ann (Victoria, BC), Sisters of Nazareth, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, Sisters of Providence, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.


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