Rich Shively


Rich Shively has been providing leadership for church related organizations for 35 years.  As a trainer, supervisor, recruiter and retreat leader, Rich has impacted both individuals seeking to use their gifts more fully in service of the wider community, and institutions striving to live out their mission more deeply.

Rich has worked on the staff of the Archdiocese of Seattle, and the Diocese of San Jose; he has provided formation and supervision for young people stepping into ministry for the first time through the CHANNEL Program, including time as Executive Director of the program.  Rich also spent 16 years leading the effort to invite people to ordained, religious and lay commitments of service in the church.  He has provided facilitation for retreats and pastoral planning for parishes, agencies, university campus ministry programs  and  schools, as well as led small groups in seeking solutions to conflicts and improved communications.

Rich has his Masters Degree in Pastoral Studies from Seattle University, has been married for 34 for years to Paula, and has four grown children.  Contact Rich.