News from The Reid Group

October 2017

  • Tom Reid, Maureen Reid and John Reid have been hired by St. Monica Catholic School in Mercer Island, WA to conduct a school study beginning in October 2017and to develop a 3 year action plan by late January 2018.
  • Maureen Gallagher and John Reid will be facilitating the Provincial Council meetings for the Salvatorians in December. The Province for the approximately 90 priests and brothers consists of the entire United States.
  • Maureen Gallagher continues her work with the Wisconsin Religious Collaborative, a project of LCWR Region 9. The latest product from this project is an Organization and Resource book that outlines how all the participating congregations in Wisconsin will work together into the future.
  • John Reid has been hired as a coach for the executive team at University Unitarian Church in Seattle, WA.
  • Tom Reid continues his work as a coach with priests, executive directors of non-profits and small business owners, seeking to grow more competent and confident in their life and in their work.
  • The Reid Group is a strategic partner with Tryon Clear View Group, a cost reduction company that specializes in Purchase Services Audits where they identify, verify and recover billing errors, vendor overcharges which are refundable to organizations.  They then secure these reimbursements from the vendors.  In addition to telecommunication, copiers, waste management and utilities charges, they also audit postal services and credit card processing. The only fee paid by the client is a percentage of the actual savings.  The first two contracts secured by this strategic partnership are a college and a Catholic parish; we have received the first report of savings for one of these contracts which showed savings of $60,000 over the next five years in telecommunications alone.   If you are interested in this service, contact us at