For 2017, a Resolution and a Prayer


It’s a word on everyone’s lips at this time of year.  Everyone from religious leaders to beauty pageant contestants professes a fervent wish for it.


Everyone is wishing for peace–and then the holiday season is over and we go back to our lives in a world that knows precious little peace.

Before the brightness of this shiny New Year dims, those of us at The Reid Group make a resolution to join the people of all faiths and no faith who pray and act for peace throughout 2017 in every corner of the world:

Peace in Aleppo and the West Bank and Congo.

Peace in Berlin and Istanbul and Nice, in San Bernardino and Paris and Orlando.

Peace in D.C. and Flint.

Peace in North Dakota and West Virginia.

Peace in our places of worship–mosques, churches, deserts, synagogues, mountains.

Peace in Oakland, Ferguson, Baltimore, Chicago, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, New Haven, Columbine and Charlotte.

Peace in our homes, whatever form they take.

Peace in our families.

Peace in our hearts.


Happy New Year.

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