Happy Anniversary to Us!


Summer 2016 begins our 20th year as The Reid Group.  Hard to believe we’ve been doing this work for 20 years–it seems like we just started!

Looking back on 20 years of working with leaders and organizations on the challenges they face, we are grateful and humbled by the opportunity to work with so many amazing clients in many different areas:  Catholic religious communities, dioceses, parishes and schools, other faith-based organizations, non-profits and small businesses.  Every organization brings its own unique perspective and history to its strategic planning, leadership development and fundraising challenges and it has been our privilege to have had a part in helping our clients devise strategies to meet those challenges.

Those challenges to ability of organizations to create a sustainable future never stop coming.  Charting a course for the future with a strategic plan, assuring an adequate funding base, finding the right leaders to guide the organization into that future and creating a healthy, respectful workplace culture–all of these are challenges  organizations face now, as they have over the last 20 years.

One thing we’ve learned in these 20 years is that, daunting as these challenges seem, they can be met, and met in a way that opens new opportunities unimagined before.  The resources to meet and transform challenges most often lie within the organization itself.  It has been, and will continue to be, our pleasure to help leaders and organizations marshal their resources to transform their challenges into opportunities and create a better, brighter future.

So for all that has been in these last 20 years, thank you.  And for all that is to come, Yes!

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