September 2018: 7 Tips for a Successful Search Process

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September 2018 
In this edition of Transforming Challenges, Senior Consultant John Reid offers insights into productive searches in his article, “7 Tips for a Successful Search Process.”

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The Reid Group News

  • Maureen Gallagher assisted the Sisters of Charity of New York in organizational development that will lead to deeper collaboration between the various entities of the Province.
  • John Reid and Tom Reid have been hired by the Catholic Legal Immigration Network to conduct the search for a new Executive Director.
  • John Reid facilitated a Summit meeting for Our Lady of the Lake Parish and School in Seattle as an important part of the “ONE OLL” planning process.
  • Maureen Gallagher continues her work with helping the Board of the National Shrine of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini in Chicago to implement their new 5-year plan. 
  • Tom Reid is offering a retreat for men: Spirituality, Relationships & Daily Living, November 9-11, Copalis Beach, Washington
  • John Reid is serving as a leadership coach for the Executive Team at University Unitarian Church in Seattle.
  • The Reid Group is a strategic partner with Tryon Clear View Group, a cost reduction company that specializes in Purchase Services Audits where they identify, verify and recover billing errors, vendor overcharges which are refundable to organizations.  They then secure these reimbursements from the vendors.  In addition to telecommunication, copiers, waste management and utilities charges, they also audit postal services and credit card processing. The only fee paid by the client is a percentage of the actual savings.  The first two contracts secured by this strategic partnership are a college and a Catholic parish; we have received the first report of savings for one of these contracts which showed savings of $60,000 over the next five years in telecommunications alone.   If you are interested in this service, contact us at
  • Our Strategic Partner Joe Sankovich has developed an important resource for dioceses and parishes with cemeteries called TOOLBOX FOR PARISH CEMETERIES. For more information go to: Joe Sankovich, former director of cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and owner of Sankovich & Associates since 1990, has developed an educational tool for parishes with their own Catholic cemeteries.  Directed to pastors, parish business managers, cemetery managers/sextons/superintendents, parish cemetery advisory board members and parish finance council members, the six hard copy manuals are formatted in the same fashion as the early diocesan teaching documents for the Second Vatican Council.  Sankovich waited until he had worked with/in more than 1,200 parish cemeteries in different areas of the United States, and conducted more than 100 seminars with pastors, parish and cemetery employees/volunteers, to organize and format these manuals.
  • The Reid Group is also a strategic partner with The Steier Group. The Steier Group is a national, capital campaign fundraising firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, with offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas. They provide nonprofits with customized campaign planning studies, guidance from a team of expert project managers and strategic insight designed to help our clients reach their fundraising goals. Contact Nic Prenger, Steier Group president, for more information about the firm’s services.

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  7 Tips for a Successful Search Process

John Reid, Senior Consultant
In our experience of conducting search processes over the years for a variety of types of positions, we have identified seven elements that greatly enhance the success of the search process:
1.   Consider  hiring an experienced search consultant  for the process. This way, the search doesn’t impact the organization’s leaders’ ability to do their important day-to-day work.
2.   Seek  candidates who are a “good fit”  in three ways: a fit with the organization itself, with the position, and with the work team and environment.
3.     Ensure confidentiality during the process  for as long as possible. This will result in a higher-level candidate pool since candidates can consider your position without compromising their existing employment.
4.     Treat each candidate with great respect , recognizing that it takes courage to throw your hat in the ring and experience the vulnerability of being evaluated by peers/colleagues.
5.     Use both passive  (press releases, ads in appropriate publications)  and active (reaching out to internal candidates as well as asking leaders in other organizations for referrals) methods of recruitment. This is a particular area where your search consultant can be helpful in surfacing additional candidates.
6.    Empower a search committee  of 5-7 people to finalize the job description and required qualifications, identify three-five finalists for interviews, and make a recommendation for the hire to the appropriate governing body.
7.    Develop an on-boarding process  to help the chosen candidate prepare for his/her service to the organization and to have a successful first year.
Search processes can be stressful for organizations trying to fill positions of vital importance to their work-and even more stressful when the search fails to find a candidate. If you keep these seven tips in mind, you greatly increase the odds of decreasing your stress. 

John Reid is a Senior Partner with The Reid Group, a national consulting firm helping leaders and organizations transform challenges into opportunities to create a better world in the areas of Strategic Planning, Leadership Formation, Leadership Search, Fund Development, Conflict Resolution and Meeting Design and Facilitation.  For more information about The Reid Group, its programs and services, visit our website:

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