October 2013: Taking Conflict for Granted

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October 17 is International Conflict Resolution Day, and we commemorate this event with a reflection on conflict and everyday ways to deal with it from Carol Guenther, Mediator.

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The Reid Group News

  • We are pleased to be working with Archbishop Naumann in the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas for pastoral planning for the 17 parishes and six schools in the Topeka region of the archdiocese.  John Reid and Karen Castellon will work on the contract.
  • The work with the 368 parishes in the Archdiocese of New York on their parish restructuring project continues, as Cardinal Dolan released his pastoral letter on Making All Things New.   You can view the pastoral letter on New York’s website.
  • The next in our teleconference series will be held on October 23–see the sidebar for more information and a link to register.
  • We have been engaged by Catholic Health Initiatives–Nebraska to conduct leadership searches for three positions of Director of Mission and Pastoral Care.  The deadline is Friday, October 18; if you or someone you know is interested, please contact John Reid.
  • The Reid Group will be on retreat October 21-22 to explore further  the concept of sustainability how we can help our clients create a “10 times bolder” sustainable future for themselves and those they serve.

So as you look at your individual or organizational future, what are your challenges? Could you benefit from skilled support? Give us a call at 206-432-3565 or send us ane-mail to start transforming those challenges into opportunities.

We are pleased to announce the next in The Reid Group teleseminar series.

You are invited to attend our call on October 23, 2013 at 4 pm ET. The call will be co-hosted by Tom Reid and Carol Guenther, Senior Consultants with The Reid Group and will focus on the healthy organizational culture of the Sustainable Future Audit Tool.

At The Reid Group, we are focused on helping leaders and organizations meet the challenges that threaten their future viability as an organization, and to transform those challenges into opportunities for new growth. We created the Sustainable Future Audit tool to help leaders discern the precise nature and scope of their challenges so they can address them in a comprehensive way.

During this teleconference, we will share suggestions for how to strengthen the cultural health of your organization and how to engage your colleagues in constructive conversation leading to committed action.

Space is limited, so register today.

Feature Focus

Taking Conflict for Granted

carolnewwebCarol Guenther

We live in a conflicted world. From civil war in Syria to political impasse in D.C., men and women across the globe find themselves in deep, serious conflict.  With no clear path forward, hope is in short supply and it is easy to assume that nothing can be done, except for violent attack; and we know that violence takes many forms.

Thankfully, there is a growing group of individuals, organizations and businesses that see other options and believe in another way forward. They are bound together by a commitment to building peace wherever possible and they are trained in non-violent, alternative forms of dispute management. The Reid Group is one such business working across the nation.

Since 2005, the third Thursday in October has been designated Conflict Resolution Day. The goals for this day include:

  • Promoting awareness of mediation, arbitration, conciliation and other creative, peaceful means of resolving conflict;
  • Promoting the use of conflict resolution in schools, families, businesses, communities, governments and the legal system;
  • Recognizing the significant contributions of peaceful conflict resolvers; and
  • Creating international synergy through celebrations around the world on the same day.

Building upon one of our assumptions, that peace begins within,  we encourage each of our readers to take a few minutes out of your busy day  on October 17th to reflect on where you experience conflict in your life and how your might view it differently. We offer you two tools to use in this examination:

  1. Become curious about why this conflict is occurring. Curiosity is an important mind-set to help avoid the trap of judging others.
  2. Believe that a peaceful option exists. And know that it can take a long time. Patience and perseverance are valuable assets when living with conflict.

Over the years, working with a variety of organizations and individuals, we not only believe that peace is possible, but we know it. We have seen understanding and respect flourish when healthy communication skills are embraced and we have seen forgiveness and reconciliation lead to new life within groups and organizations. The next time you find yourself doubting that peace is possible, give us a call!


The Art of Change: Faith, Vision and Prophetic Planning

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And that’s it for this month. Look for Transforming Challenges next month–and until then, have a good day and a great week.
Kathy Johnson, Editor
Transforming Challenges
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