May 2015: Strategies for Employee Retention

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The retention of good people is a challenge for many organizations–and one that too often gets little  attention.  In this edition of Transforming Challenges, Consultants Tom Reid and Anne Skorski outline a few strategies for investing time and effort in retaining and developing your leaders.

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The Reid Group News

  • The Reid Group is conducting a search for a Vice President for Mission Integration for Providence Medical Center in Portland. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact John Reid at
  • The Archdiocese of New York has extended its contract with The Reid Group for parish reorganization implementation, as Cardinal Dolan announced the second round of parish collaborations and mergers.
  • Maureen Gallagher is conducting a search for Senior Director for Ethics for the Catholic Health Association USA. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact Maureen at
  • Greg Cascione has been hired by St. Anne’s Mead assisted living facility in Southfield, MI to provide fund development consultation.
  • Ann Skorski and John Reid will make a presentation on strategic planning to the Board of the Bellarmine Retreat House in Woodstock, IL in September.
  • Maureen Gallagher represented The Reid Group at the Conference for Pastoral Planning and Council Development in San Antonio, and made a presentation on succession planning for mission leaders to the Illinois Catholic Health Association.
  • Carol Guenther and John Reid will teach a graduate course this summer at Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry on “Creative Conflict Management:   Paving the Road to Peace in a Conflicted World.” If you are interested in taking this course, contact John Reid at
  • Maureen Gallagher is working with the Racine Dominicans, facilitating a discernment workshop and Community Days.

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The Reid Group teleseminar series

How are you doing in retaining the good leaders that you have, while identifying and developing new leaders?

Strategies for Developing and Retaining Your Leaders
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 4 PM EDT
4pm EDT / 3pm CDT / 2pm MDT / 1pm PDT
Hosts for the Call: Tom Reid & Anne Skorski

At The Reid Group, we are focused on helping leaders and organizations transform challenges into opportunities for increased effectiveness and productivity.

During this teleseminar participants will get an overview of the essential elements of an effective leadership development process. In addition, the session will offer practical suggestions for specific action steps to build upon the ideas presented on the call.

To register for this teleseminar, simply click here. Materials and resource information to be used on the call will be sent to all registrants.

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Feature Focus

Do Your People Really Matter?


Tom Reid Senior Consultant

What’s needed is a deep-rooted conviction, among business unit heads and line leaders, that people really matter – that leaders must develop the capabilities of employees, nurture their careers, and manage the performance of individuals and teams.
Drew Hanson

You conducted a careful, thorough search. You conscientiously checked references. You had several rounds of interviews designed to discover which candidate was the best “fit” for your organization. And all your time and effort paid off: you hired a great employee and turned her/him loose to do the job. Your work here is done, right?

Not by a long shot. If you don’t want to waste all the time and expense you put into the hiring process, you need a plan for retaining your employees.

Anne Skorski, Senior Consultant

Anne Skorski, Senior Consultant

Don’t have a concrete strategy for employee retention? You’re not alone–many, if not most, organizations don’t.   Or they assume that they can answer the retention challenge if it comes up by offering increased compensation or benefits.   But many studies show that money isn’t the only–or even the main–reason employees stay in an organization.

Do your people really matter? How do they know? How do you show them that their success on the job and their contributions matter to you? Because that’s what keeps good employees: the sense that they are successful, that the work they do makes a difference and that that difference is appreciated.

As a blog post on explains, an employee retention strategy has a number of elements that need to be “baked in” to the organization’s operations:

Clear expectations and performance metrics: Employees can’t know if they are successful in their work unless they understand what is expected of them and have some way of measuring their performance against those expectations. While there is a growing attitude in the Human Resources world that the dreaded annual performance evaluation is not a very useful tool, it is still true that some mechanism is needed to convey these clear expectations and performance metrics. Which leads us to . . .

Communication: Use regular and open communication with employees to let them know how they are doing and to find out how they feel about their work and the organization. Meet regularly with employees, both in one-on-one and in team meetings, to share information about the organization as a whole, not just about the particulars of their jobs. This will increase their sense of connection to the organization and its mission.

Leadership development opportunities: Though many organizations will offer employees skills training that is specific to their particular positions, fewer provide leadership development opportunities that help employees strengthen other skills that can help them expand their area of responsibility. Workshops or courses in communication, conflict management and team-building skills signal to employees that they matter to the organization and also give the organization the benefit of a more valuable employee base.

Getting just the right hire is important, yes, but it is not the end. Organizations need to budget time and financial resources for their employee retention strategy. Given the costs of both the hiring process and employee turnover, it is clear that a focus on retaining and developing good employees is a good investment.


The Art of Change: Faith, Vision and Prophetic Planning

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And that’s it for this month. Look for Transforming Challenges next month–and until then, have a good day and a great week.Kathy Johnson, Editor, Transforming Challenges
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