Caring for self, caring for others during the holiday season

Caring for self, caring for others during the holiday season.

Life is busy, life can seem even busier, if not overwhelming, during the holiday season. We can so easily get lost in doing and forget about being. 

Are you on your Christmas list?  That can sound selfish, but is not making appropriate time caring for our health and well-being impacts our life and our relationships.

What is one to do?  If you are fending off overwhelm or in danger of falling into the trap of putting yourself last, not making self-care a priority, here are three simple tips or gifts for yourself.

“Take a minute off.”  Use the gift of your breath to reset.  Find the anchor of your breath and begin with a long, slow exhalation… (the inhalation will take care of itself).  Do three cycles of exhalation/inhalation, or even one cycle if you are really busy.

When you find yourself getting anxious or approaching overwhelm take a few minutes to move, stretch, take a short walk outside or around the office building.

Take a brief time out and write a note to yourself, preferably in your journal.  Here you might write about what you are thinking, feeling or needing in the moment.

Try any of these or whatever self-care practices you have established.

Getting back on track is often one healthy choice or action away.

Take care of yourself during this holiday season.

Best wishes! 

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