Energize Your Relationships in 2017

Would you like to:

  • Live more comfortably in your own skin?
  • Experience extra energy and less stress in more of your relationships?
  • Access additional physical, emotional, relational and spiritual energy?
  • Engage and enjoy life with more vigor and less friction?

If any of these speak to you then mark your calendar for the next in The Reid Group Webinar Series and ask a friend to join you.

During the month of February we have the opportunity to reflect upon our experience of love, relationship and connection. You are invited to The Reid Group Webinar on Four Keys for Energizing Your Relationships

Thursday, February 23
5:00 PM PST

In this webinar we will present practical content for personal, relational and organizational development. Areas of focus include:

  • Growing your relationship with you
  • Living in your head, heart and body
  • Being more present and less in the past or future
  • Exploring how much you are living from a getting vs. giving orientation
  • The many benefits of centering and mindfulness practices

Space is limited, so register today!

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