No one knows the challenges you face better than you do.

And no one is more committed to helping you transform your challenges into opportunities than we are.

At The Reid Group, our mission is to help leaders and organizations transform their challenges into opportunities to create a better world.  We do this by helping leaders be more effective in six ways:

Our work with leaders in Catholic organizations—dioceses, religious communities, colleges and universities, health care institutions, parishes and schools—as well as other faith-based and non-profit organizations helps them to create a sustainable future for themselves and the people they serve.

What’s your biggest challenge? Tell us about it and schedule a complimentary strategy session. We’re looking forward to the conversation.


  • Maureen Gallagher is conducting a search for a Mission Advancement Associate Director for the San Jose Dominicans. Please let Maureen know if you are interested in the position by calling her at 262-646-4209.
  • John Reid and Maureen Gallagher are working with the Catholic Health Association on updating the competencies for mission leaders in the United States.
  • Tom Reid continues his executive coaching and just returned from the Elder Rites of Passage (EROP) in Washington state. Tom continues being involved with men’s work and serves on the Board of Illuman. For more information, contact Tom at 206-947-2990