No one knows the challenges you face better than you do.

And no one is more committed to helping you transform your challenges into opportunities than we are.

At The Reid Group, our mission is to help leaders and organizations transform their challenges into opportunities to create a better world.  We do this through the lens of helping organizations create a sustainable future .

We help leaders and organizations to create and maintain sustainable models which will serve them well.  To be sustainable into the future, organizations need to address challenges in the areas of long-range planning, financial viability, leadership retention and recruitment, dealing with change and loss, and creating a healthy organizational environment.

We work with Catholic organizations—dioceses, religious communities, colleges and universities, health care institutions, parishes and schools—as well as other faith-based and non-profit organizations on the challenges to sustainability you face in:

Strategic Planning
Fund Development
Leadership Search
Leadership Formation
Mediation, Facilitation & Training

What’s your biggest challenge? Tell us about it and schedule a free, 30-minute consultation. We’re looking forward to the conversation.